Precision Fitting of Your Golf Clubs

Welcome to HugoClubFitter.com. Performance Based Golf Clubs Fitting.

Hugo Golf Clubs Fitting TechnologyThe single most important factor in improving your golf game is improving the interface between your body and your golf clubs. We offer custom golf club fitting, custom made golf clubs, regripping, reshafting, and golf club personalization.

We maintain a state of the art shop utilizing a Vector Pro Launch System, C-Swing swing analysis system, and an indoor range. These are just a few of the precision tools that assist Hugo in fitting your golf clubs.

Your golf clubs should be checked for:

1. Your Hand Size. Do we all have the same size hand? Of course not! Your hands are the only thing that connects you to the golf  clubs, and over half the golfers I fit do not have the proper size grips.
2. Length of Golf Clubs. Your golf clubs need to fit your size and shape. Too many golfers try and fit themselves to the club rather than the other way around. I fit the golf clubs to the golfer. Fitting total weight of the club along with swing weight/MOI. Each golfer, depending on their down swing.
3. Loft and Lie. The loft and lie of the iron clubs must fit the golfer’s swing path. This is something we determine through the use of state-of-the-art video technology.
4. The Putter. This is the club responsible for over 40% of your total score. I fit your putter for length, loft, and lie based upon your body size and shape. We use state of the art putter fitting with revolutionary new iClub Technology (3-D animation of the putter and golf swing analysis).
5. Shaft Flex and Driver Loft To optimize the best launch angle and spin rate, you need the correct shaft flex and driver loft. I use swing speed, time/tempo on your swing and use video to capture your wrist cock release to find the best fitting shaft for your swing.

AGCP-LogoAssoc. of Golf Clubfitting ProfessionalsWe also use the newest Golf Swing Analysis Software, ‘The Equalizer’ by PCS. Hugo is not machine, nor system driven, and neither should you. Hugo is one of only 6 golf clubs fitters in the region offering “The Equalizer” by PCS frequency matching. In addition, GolfWorks golf ball performance software allows us to fit the best golf ball to your swing. And don’t forget, we can help you get the best performance from your golf clubs.

HugoClubfitter is a Master Club Fitter of KBS top of the line shafts, KBS Tour and KBS C-Taper shafts

HugoClubfitter is a Master Club Fitter of KBS top of the line shafts, KBS Tour and KBS C-Taper shafts.