Club Fitting in Nashville

The Cost of Club Fitting in Nashville

Club Fitting in NashvilleSee me for your club fitting in Nashville.  You are always welcome to visit the shop and see the equipment I use for custom golf club fitting in Nashville. I am actually in suburban Nashville in Lebanon, Tennessee.

A complete set of golf clubs today can easily cost $2,000 or more. The cost of having a custom set of clubs built or just having yours properly fitted (albeit a fraction of the price of the clubs) is priceless.

Before I can quote a price to precision fit your golf clubs there are a lot of questions I would need to ask you regarding your game, your style of play, your present golf clubs, etc. However, as a benchmark, a full evaluation and golf club fitting in Nashville of a set of clubs is about $200 on average.

Call me for an appointment and quotes on pricing your club fitting in Nashville.

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John “Hugo” Huheey is an Advanced Professional Class A Clubmaker, fully accredited by The Association of Golf Clubfitting Professionals.

Custom Golf Club Fitting in Nashville.