Custom Club Fitting by Hugo

Custom club fitting by Hugo“Surge, I took your advice and went to see one of your recommended custom club fitting guy: JOHN HUHEEY, IN LEBANON, TN August 25th. John worked on all my clubs… I played 18 holes yesterday Aug 30th. I COULDN’T BELIEVE THE DIFFERENCE IN MY GAME. I appreciate the advice you give to all of us and I would recommend John Huheey to all your readers. JOHN IS AN OUTSTANDING INDIVIDUAL AS WELL AS AN OUTSTANDING CUSTOM CLUB FITTING EXPERT…”
- Leo Wiggins

Custom Club Fitting by Hugo

“There is so much more to custom club fitting that I know now since I went to Hugo. From the driver to the putter, all of these clubs can be optimally fit to your body and swing. For years I expected that I had to adapt to the clubs – Hugo has changed that for me. When you walk away from a custom club fitting you not only know and understand your equipment in totally different way, you also better understand your swing and how to get the most out of every shot. Once I understood the underlying fundamentals of club fitting, my confidence in hitting good shots increased dramatically. Not only does Hugo fit your clubs to you with his custom club fitting, he makes you understand how they interact with YOU! It is truly an experience that has changed my game.”
- Bryon Stricker, a VERY satisfied client

Professional Custom Club Fitting by Hugo

“John Huheey (Hugo) is truly a professional in the arena of custom club fitting for many reasons including state of the art equipment and cutting edge expertise. However, the aspect that differentiates Hugo is his personal interest in helping the client. His greatest joy comes from seeing clients feel the difference in fitted clubs and see their game improve after a personal fitting. I take great pleasure in recommending Hugo to my friends. He enjoys helping people, and he is really good at what he does.”
- Mack McCluskey

“Hi Hugo- Had my best day of golf in a long time today! Shot a 90 for the first day of our tournament… should and could have been in the 80’s if I hadn’t accidentally hit someone else’s ball and taken a penalty for it. I’m feeling a lot more confident with my clubs now, thanks to you. Still not seeing too much difference in the distance that I hit with my 3 wood and my new fairway wood but hitting the fairway wood is easier to hit than the 3 wood…just miss hit it one time today. Playing golf has become fun again!! Thank you so much for your custom club fitting!”
- Carole Steen

Custom Club Fitting by Hugo.