The Fitting

Performance Based Golf Clubfitting

When you engage my services I can diligently perform any of the following services at your request:


  • Measure and fit your clubs to your body size and type.
  • Employ my computerized high speed (240 frames per second) video analysis.
  • Use the Vector Pro Launch Monitor to measure launch angle and spin rate. custom golf club fitting

  • Use the state of the art Golf Tek Pro V Swing Analyzer V Range Software to accurately determine your swing variables.
  • Build custom clubs to your specific requirements or retrofit your existing clubs for optimal fit using the latest golf club fitting technology.
  • Custom grind your wedges to match your specific loft and lie requirements.
  • Perform repair and maintenance on any of your existing clubs that require it. Computerized Golf AssessmentI may interview you about your game, how often you play, your playing style (whether you are primarily¬† a “mechanical” or a “touch” golfer, etc.).¬† Then if you have come for a golf club fitting, we will use the latest golf video equipment and computerized vector software on your set-up and golf swing to assist in properly assessing the following:

2011 Golf Digest Best ClubfittersCustomized Club Fitting For:

1. Your Hand Size. We all have different hand sizes. A large man will have a considerably different golf grip than does a petite woman, and that hand size plays a very important role in fitting your clubs properly. Your hands are the only thing that connects you to the golf clubs, and over half the golfers I fit do not have the proper size grips.
2. Length of Golf Clubs. Your golf clubs need to fit your size and shape. Too many golfers try and fit themselves to the club rather than the other way around. I fit the golf clubs to the golfer.
3. Loft and Lie. The loft and lie of the iron clubs must fit the golfer’s swing path. This is Loft and Lie Assessmentsomething we determine through the use of state-of-the-art video technology.
4. The Putter. The putter is the club responsible for over 40% of your total score. I fit your putter for length, loft, and lie based upon your body size and shape. I use state of the art putter club fitting equipment with revolutionary new iClub Technology (3-D animation of the putter and golf swing analysis).
5. Shaft Flex and Driver Loft. To optimize the best launch angle and spin rate, you need the correct shaft flex and driver loft. I use swing speed, time/tempo on your swing and use video to capture your wrist cock release to find the best club fitting shaft for your swing.

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